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Is Online Hypnotherapy Effective?

So you might be wondering, can I really be hypnotized a thousand miles away through a computer screen.

The short answer...absolutely.

Let me explain.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of being. We are in hypnosis multiple times a day. Have you ever caught yourself day dreaming, yet at the same time doing normal every day things without even thinking about it? Have you ever arrived to a place after driving for 20 minutes and can't remember how you got there? These are forms of hypnosis. Your conscious mind is still there, BUT your subconscious mind is running the show.

How does hypnosis work?

The hypnotherapist is trained to bring your subconscious mind forward. They do this through specific language patterns that help you enter a deep and relaxed state. In this state, the critical factor portion of your mind is bypassed. Your conscious mind is still very much present, just...quiet. Many people worry that they won't be able to control themselves in hypnosis, but this is far from the truth. You have full control throughout each and every session.

Are there any differences between in person hypnotherapy and online hypnotherapy?

With in person hypnotherapy, you are typically in an unfamiliar place, especially if it's your first session. A lot of times, this can make someone uneasy or anxious. If conducting a session over Zoom or other platform, you are able to be in a place you feel comfortable and more relaxed.

With in person hypnotherapy, there are some techniques that can be used that can not be used through Zoom. Most people are familiar with stage hypnotists who can instantly hypnotize someone and then their body goes limp. We have all seen them. These types of rapid inductions are fascinating and effective, but not completely necessary to have a powerful session. Hypnotherapists are trained in how to help you into a trance state without the use of these rapid inductions. You can certainly reach a deep level of hypnosis with a hypnotherapist over Zoom.

The state of the world has been a little chaotic over the last two years, to say the least. Mask mandates are starting to slowly decrease or go away entirely (March 2022), but there are some areas and some people who will choose to continue wearing a mask for a variety of reasons. This brings to focus then, having to conduct a session with one or both parties wearing a mask, blocking out facial expressions, and sometimes muffling words or sentences. This could easily become both frustrating and ineffective if you can't hear each other clearly. Online hypnotherapy cuts out this obstacle completely. Neither party have to wear a mask.

Convenience. Pretty simple. No need to drive to an appointment, find parking, make it to the appointment, wait in a lobby, drive home, etc. Most people find it easier to find time for a session when you don't have to factor in the many details of how you are going to make it.

What do I need to consider for online Hypnotherapy?

Internet connection: We have all been there. One second you are having a discussion and the next moment you are talking to yourself. Having reliable internet or wifi is important to have a successful session. Now that is not to say that if something happens with service, you can't be easily brought back into hypnosis quickly. Once in hypnosis, especially during a session, it is easier to drop right back in. And I have seen time and time again internet dropping as soon as clients have an "ah ha" moment or a moment of extreme emotional release. Call me crazy, but it's like an electrical shock wave from the brain zaps the connection for a moment.

Power: In short, make sure all your devices are connected to an outlet or fully charged.

Safe space: Consider where you are going to do your hypnotherapy session. Are you going to be alone? Are other people going to be around? Can you authentically express your emotions without others hearing you? Can you yell/scream/cry without someone calling 911? These should be taken into account when planning for a session. Comfort is key to any hypnotherapy session.


Online hypnotherapy is both powerful and effective. You can have breakthroughs through Zoom hypnotherapy and can change your life in many ways. You do not need a hypnotherapist to touch you to reach a deep state of hypnosis. In person hypnotherapy is still an option for a lot of people and one that should be considered. But for those who prefer comfort of their own home and convenience of not having to drive to an appointment, it is sure to be a transformational experience!

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