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Happy Pamper Yourself Day Everyday

Currently, there has been an uptick in self care and self love...well everything, especially in the social media world of Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Post after post of self development and improvement ideas, self empowerment, etc. While some may see this as annoying or New Age BS, I see it as a positive step in the right direction.

So, my question to you is...what do you do to show yourself love? Interestingly, as I am sitting here writing this blog post, I came across a Facebook post asking this exact question. I read through the comments and not surprisingly, there were quite a few commenters who stated that they didn't know how to answer that question.

I hope this post reaches even a few of these individuals. While my suggestions may not resonate with every single person, my hope is that it sparks an idea to the person reading this.

So what are some ways you can show love to yourself on days like Valentine's Day, but every other day as well?

Spa Evening - Picture it...candles lit, nice warm bath, suds and bath bombs, face mask, book to read, essential oils, warm cup of tea or hot cocoa, maybe some peaceful music playing (or heavy metal if that is what brings you happiness 🙃), and relaxation.

Buy yourself some flowers - This is actually a favorite of mine. Not just for Valentine's Day. Personally, I just love the look and smell of fresh flowers in my home. Granted, I do go days, weeks, and months sometimes without a purchase, but they instantly lift my mood when I get them as a treat to myself.

Meditation - Being one with yourself. This can be a scary venture, especially for people who have never meditated before. If you are like me, I thought my mind would NEVER quiet down enough to be able to ever meditate. And then I realized that that is actually ok. Once we recognize that our thoughts are invading our mind during our peaceful meditation, acknowledge it and let them move on and just keep bringing it back to the purpose. Also, there are so many helpful apps and YouTube video meditations that make mediating a peace of cake. Try out the apps Inscape and Insight Timer. I use Insight Timer all the time. Just find a quiet place, get comfortable, set an intention, close your eyes, and relax.

Journaling - You may be wondering how this can create self love or show love to oneself. Journaling has been shown to be extremely cathartic to ones internal psyche. Taking your internal mind and making it external can take a big weight off of your shoulders. Journaling is also an amazing way to find your creative side and to see things in a whole new light. Never tried it before? Why not give it a shot?

Treating your body right - What does this mean? Have you ever eaten something not so healthy and felt terrible after? Not just physically, but mentally terrible? Now compare that to a time when you ate something healthy, filling, and satisfying and felt amazing after the meal. When we treat our bodies right by eating healthy and sustaining foods, we inevitably treat our minds right as well. Clear and focused thinking, higher energy levels, and positive mindsets are all tied to healthy eating.

DANCE - What? Have your ever had a one person dance party? If not, then stop what you are doing, turn on some music you LOVE, and dance the s*!t out of that song! Not kidding...go do it!! It may feel weird at first, but don't worry that feeling goes away fast. You will finish feeling alive, maybe out of breath, and happy!

Nature - Take a walk. Enjoy the beauty. Listen to the birds and chipmunks running around. Appreciate all that is surrounding you. Peaceful. Hopefully quiet. It's a wonderful time to be alone with your thoughts and to reflect on life and yourself. Not to mention, it's a great way to move your body and exercise, especially if you go for a hike!

Dinner For One - Hear me out. This may sound intimidating. It is a for a lot of people. The idea of going out to a restaurant, especially a busy one, and eating alone turns a lot of people off. But why is that? You should be your own best company. Try it out. Pick a nice place, get a table, order a wine or drink of choice, a delicious and healthy meal, and spend some time with yourself. People watch. Exchange some pleasantries with the server. You would be surprised how many people do dine themselves and find it quite freeing.

Positive affirmations - This might sound a little cheesy, but humor me. Every morning for one week, after you wake up, set a timer for 5 minutes. Sit up in bed or in a chair and for the 5 minutes, say positive things about yourself. For example, "I am beautiful". "I deserve happiness". "I am strong". "I can do anything I put my mind to". And on and on. Can't think of multiple things? Repeat some. Don't believe what you're saying? SAY THEM ANYWAY! Eventually, you will! This is such a positive technique to help you quiet that inner negative chatter.

Self Hypnosis - Don't knock it until you try it! There are great self hypnosis tracks online that can help you with literally anything and everything. Confidence, manifestation, self love, etc. Get comfy, pick one out, and get to work on that subconscious. Stay tuned as I will be creating some wonderful self hypnosis tracks to help you live your best life!

I hope that these suggestions have given you some ideas on how to pamper yourself. And I'm not just talking about the special occasions, but every single day. It's important to not just focus on others, but also on yourself. You can not fill others tanks if yours is empty! 💛

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