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Plant Medicine Integration

Integration is the act of bringing together. 

During plant medicine ceremonies, a number of transformations, realizations, breakthroughs, etc can occur. These times can be sacred, spiritual, and often times overwhelming. Every ceremony or experience with plant medicine is different. The goal with integration is to take your experience, process it, and then apply the teaching and lessons you learned into your every day life.

Consider what it may be like to have a magical experience during ceremony and then having no idea what to do with it when ceremony is over. You may have learned so much about yourself, your past, your previous trauma, etc. But what is the point of knowing these things, if you don't do anything about it? This is actually quite common and why it is important to have someone help with what to do after. And yes, while the psychedelic experience may be crazy and eye opening it is often times what FOLLOWS that turns out to be the most powerful part.

This is where integration is key. Together we will dive into all aspects of ceremony. If contacting me prior, I will be more than willing to help you figure out your intention for ceremony. Many medicine carriers and Shaman will discuss that setting intentions for ceremony is extremely important. If contacting me after ceremony, we can work together to begin processing your unique experience and then discuss how that can blend into your experiences today and your future self. 

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