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My Art Journey

At the end of 2019, sitting alone in my studio apartment, I decided I needed a hobby. I had done a few paint and wine nights with friends in the past, but that was about it. So I decided to try watercolors. Boy, was that a learning experience! I followed a TON of YouTube tutorials and just had fun with it, regardless of how many mistakes I made. After a few weeks of watercolors, I moved on to acrylics. This again was a learning process. The mediums are so different, I felt like I was never going to figure it out. But I kept trying and eventually, I fell in love. I also realized that acrylics are way more forgiving than watercolors! Next was digital. Procreate on the iPad was very different, but you can carry that anywhere and everywhere. I would draw at work, on breaks, and sitting in front of the TV at night. Then, after a few years of making canvas acrylic painting, watercolor holiday cards, and digital art, I branched out to something a little different...air dry clay! And let me tell you, I LOVE THIS! I am still in the learning and experimenting phase, but I get to be even more creative AND paint the cutest designs! 

As you will see from my photos of past projects, I have an eclectic style. I absolutely adore animals and painting them. From farm animals to dogs and cats. I have done some commissioned pieces for friends animals I loved seeing their faces when they laid eyes on their new wall art! But aside from animals, you also catch me making hippy boho things and witchy aesthetics. You could say I'm eclectic my style! in I hope you enjoy my work!

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